New train service from Villa Opicina to Rijeka and vice versa – every day from 24 April to 30 September 2024.

As part of the European SUSTANCE Interreg Central Europe project, a new direct train service is being set up in cooperation with Croatian Railways Passenger Transport and an Italian project partner. For the first time, Villa Opicina and Rijeka will be connected by a direct train, namely by the new Stadler electric multiple unit, which will enable a transfer-free journey. The aim of the project is to improve the connectivity of the two regions and to test the feasibility of using public transport for tourism purposes on this route.


Valid from 24 April 2024.

Subject to change in case of construction works on the lines. Please check the current timetable in the international timetable finder or at international ticket offices before travelling.

If you want to travel with a connection other than those listed, you can create a timetable according to your wishes with the help of the international timetable finder or at international ticket offices before travelling.


MV 1801
Vila Opicina – Ilirska Bistrica – Opatija Matulji (HR) – Rijeka (HR)

Station Arrival Departure
Opčine / Villa Opicina (I) 07:50
Sežana 08:01 08:02
Divača 08:11 08:12
Pivka 08:32 08:40
Ilirska Bistrica 08:54 08:55
Šapjane (HR) 09:08 09:13
Opatija Matulji (HR) 09:37 09:38
Rijeka (HR) 09:54

  • The timetable is valid from April 24 to September 30, 2024

MV 1812
Rijeka (HR) – Opatija Matulji (HR) – Ilirska Bistrica – Pivka – Vila Opicina (I)

Station Arrival Departure
Rijeka (HR) 18:25
Opatija Matulji 18:41 18:42
Šapjane 19:07 19:12
Ilirska Bistrica 19:25 19:35
Pivka 19:49 19:57
Divača 20:18 20:19
Sežana 20:28 20:29
Opčine / Villa Opicina (I) 20:40

  • The timetable is valid from April 24 to September 30, 2024


Price list

Tickets for this train are available at a special promotional price. A single train ticket from Villa Opicina to Rijeka costs €8.00. Children aged 6 to 12 travel at a 50% discount; the prices are rounded up to the nearest ten. Children under 6 travel free of charge.

Ticket prices for other routes are shown in the table below:

From station To station Km Adults (in €)
Villa Opicina (I) Sežana 8 2,20
Villa Opicina (I) Divača 17 2,90
Villa Opicina (I) Pivka 41 4,10
Villa Opicina (I) Ilirska Bistica 57 5,40
Villa Opicina (I) Šapjane (HR) 68 6,40
Villa Opicina (I) Opatija Matulji (HR) 86 7,50
Villa Opicina (I) Rijeka (HR) 96 8,00
Ilirska Bistrica Šapjane (HR) 11 1,20
Ilirska Bistrica Opatija Matulji (HR) 29 2,30
Ilirska Bistrica Rijeka (HR) 39 2,80
Sežana Šapjane (HR) 60 4,40
Sežana Opatija Matulji (HR) 78 5,50
Sežana Rijeka (HR) 88 6,00
Divača Šapjane (HR) 51 3,90
Divača Opatija Matulji 69 5,00
Divača Rijeka (HR) 79 5,50
Pivka Šapjane (HR) 27 2,40
Pivka Opatija Matulji (HR) 45 3,50
Pivka Rijeka (HR) 55 4,00

The train allows bicycle transport; however, the number of bicycles the train is able to carry is limited. A bicycle ticket costs €5.00 (for a one-way journey).


Ticket purchase

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance at our train stations with an international ticket office. Passengers travelling by this train from Villa Opicina or Ilirska Bistrica can, exceptionally, buy tickets on board (cash only) at no extra charge.


More information about the SUSTANCE project can be found at: