In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, train passengers are obliged to meet the PCT (recovered-vaccinated-tested) requirement. The PCT requirement does not apply to children under 15, pupils and high-school students.

The use of a protective mask, hand disinfection and physical distancing remain mandatory for all passengers.

Passengers on board the train demonstrate compliance with the PCT requirement with proof of vaccination, negative test, or recovery from COVID-19.
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Slovenske železnice trains carry more than 13,9 million passengers every year, making our trains and stations an effective way to reach a wide audience.

Slovenske železnice offer the following opportunities for advertising and promotion:

  • On our website, which reaches 250,000 different viewers each month;
  • In our e-news, which are received by over 14,000 subscribers each month;
  • On the back side of train tickets, with 2.5 million units sold every year;
  • On ticket envelopes, with 150,000 units issued every year;
  • In Nova proga monthly magazine, which has a circulation of 11,300 copies;
  • Wrap advertising to reach a large audience throughout the train journey;
  • Interior rail graphics to target commuter audience and other users of train services;
  • Train naming, which lists your brand name in every IT system of Slovenske železnice;
  • On-board billboards, display cases, station pillar wrapping and stairs ads to capture the attention of passers-by;
  • Distribution of fliers and other promotional material, and on-train promoters.

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