Buy your tickets online

Before each online or mobile ticket purchase, check the timetable and anticipated traffic obstacles.

Tickets that can be purchased online or via the mobile application In the initial phase, it is possible to buy the following tickets for 1st and 2nd class online:

  • one-way / return tickets – at the regular fare,
  • one-way / return tickets for children from 6 to 12 years – with a 50% discount,
  • one-way / return tickets for children up to 6 years – free of charge.
  • Currently, all of the above tickets can be purchased at the regular fare applicable to travel by all types of trains.

Video presentation of the purchase

To make the purchase go smoothly, watch the video presentation of the online and mobile (iOS and Android app) ticket purchase.

Buy tickets online

You can buy your ticket online here:

Short e-purchase instructions

At the above link ( select the date of travel, entry and exit point, after displaying the timetables and selecting the desired trip, you can pay for your ticket with a payment card or coin. All that follows is the printing of the ticket purchase certificate, which will also state the AZTEC code in accordance with the UIC standard (railway identification code), which the staff accompanying the train on the train with the terminal will be able to read and issue you a ticket certificate.

Today, it is only possible to buy one-way and return tickets for domestic traffic. Tickets for international traffic will go on sale in the first half of next year – subject to coordination by European railway undertakings and approval by the competent authorities.

Online means of payment

You can pay for your tickets that you buy online with the following payment cards:

  • with MasterCard,
  • with MasterCard debit card,
  • with Visa card,
  • with Visa debit card and
  • with BA Maestro card,
  • The Diners card will soon join the above payment cards.

Mobile application

Mobile purchase guide

Purchasing tickets in the app is done in the same way as online. The only difference is that the ticket purchased via the mobile application does not need to be printed, as the staff accompanying the train with the terminal will read it via your phone.

  • E-ticket review
  • show the staff accompanying the train the purchase receipt (paper or ticket saved on the phone), which contains the Aztec code,
  • the staff accompanying the train will read the Aztec code from the paper with the terminal,
  • after successfully reading the code, the staff will print a certificate (from the MT terminal), which you must keep until the end of the trip,
  • if the Proof of Purchase has already been used, acceptance will not be possible. In this case, the staff will treat the passenger as a passenger without a ticket,
  • in the case of a trip where you transfer to another train, the certificate issued to you by the staff from the MT terminal is taken into account after successfully reading the code from the e-ticket.

You can get more information about timetables and offers:

  • in Infocentres Koper, Ljubljana, Celje and Maribor,
  • at the box office,
  • on the toll-free telephone number: 080 8111 (from 6.00 to 22.00)
  • by e-mail: [email protected]