Direct connection Maribor/Celje/Ljubljana – Trieste

From 11 June 2021, there is a new direct connection from Maribor via Ljubljana to Trieste and back by Eurocity train, available to passengers every day. The line can be also used as a starting point for connecting journeys. From Trieste, passengers can continue their travel with Freccarossa high-speed trains in the direction of Venice, Padua, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome.


The timetable is valid from 12 December 2021. It may be subject to change in case of construction works on the lines. Please check the current timetable in the International Timetable Finder or at station international ticket offices before travelling.

Departure Stations Arrival
EC 151 / 134 EC 135 / 150
11.45 Maribor 18.16
12.00 Pragersko 17.59
12.39 Celje 17.23
12.49 Laško 17.14
13.05 Zidani Most 16.59
13.18 Trbovlje 16.46
13.23 Zagorje 16.40
14.12 Ljubljana 15.36
14.50 Logatec 14.56
15.13 Postojna 14.34
15.26 Pivka 14.22
15.49 Divača 14.00
15.59 Sežana 13.48
16.25 Villa Opicina 13.20
16.52 Trst / Trieste Centrale 12.52
Ticket prices (2nd Class)
Route EUR
Standard ticket Low-fare ticket*
Maribor / Pragersko / Celje / Zidani Most / Trbovlje – Trieste C. 16.60 14.30
Ljubljana – Trieste C. 11.80 9.50
Postojna / Pivka / Divača / Sežana – Trieste C. 7.20 4.90
*The above prices are the most favourable prices of one-way tickets for one person in the 2nd Class. Ticket prices also include seat reservations.

Low-fare tickets are valid only for the date and train purchased (date and train are stated on the ticket). The number of available low-fare tickets is limited, return of purchase money or exchange of tickets is not possible. The ticket also does not allow changing to a higher class.

We recommend purchasing international tickets in advance at our train station ticket offices.

On-board the train, only full price tickets up to border stations can be purchased. Discounted tickets and special offer tickets valid for particular routes or trains cannot be purchased on-board.