In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, train passengers are obliged to meet the PCT (recovered-vaccinated-tested) requirement. The PCT requirement does not apply to children under 15, pupils and high-school students.

The use of a protective mask, hand disinfection and physical distancing remain mandatory for all passengers.

Passengers on board the train demonstrate compliance with the PCT requirement with proof of vaccination, negative test, or recovery from COVID-19.
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In 2021, seize the affordable »First Minute Europe« offer for journeys to Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

First Minute Europe (FME) is a low-fare offer that enables passengers to purchase affordable tickets for travel in 2nd Class coaches of international trains. The price of a FME ticket depends on the day of purchase and the selected route. With FME tickets, you can travel to many places in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Purchasing a 2nd class ticket three or more days before the journey is more affordable than purchasing a ticket just a day or two before the intended journey (for example: a one-way ticket to Frankfurt will cost you €73.90 if you purchase it a day or two before the journey, or only €50.90 if you purchase it three days in advance; a one-way ticket to Budapest will cost you only €17.50 if you purchase it three days before the journey, or €19.50 if you purchase it a day or two in advance).


FME tickets cannot be purchased on the day of travel! They stay valid for two days, and they are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Seat reservation is not included in the ticket fare. Interruption of the journey is not allowed.