In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, train passengers are obliged to meet the PCT (recovered-vaccinated-tested) requirement. The PCT requirement does not apply to children under 15, pupils and high-school students.

The use of a protective mask, hand disinfection and physical distancing remain mandatory for all passengers.

Passengers on board the train demonstrate compliance with the PCT requirement with proof of vaccination, negative test, or recovery from COVID-19.
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Why get angry at traffic jams in the summer heat? Opt for train travel and try train planning with Google Transit!

Google Transit is a service that enables route planning by public transport and thus encourages the use of more nature-friendly forms of travel. The service will help both experienced travelers and those who have put a backpack on their shoulders for the first time and may be embarking on their first independent adventure.

Within the planned route, it enables the viewing of stops, transfers and the schedule of means of transport, thus providing an insight into the entire structure of the trip and significantly facilitating the planning of the route for the passenger. Maps are available in twelve different languages, including Slovene. The service also supports route planning between different cities and different countries, and also allows a combination of different means of transport, such as train and bus. More than 480 cities around the world are already involved in the project.

Participation in the Civitas Elan project, part of which is also the introduction of Google Transit on the Slovenian Railways website, is one of the projects that enabled Slovenian Railways to draw European grants. It started in 2008 and is being successfully completed this year.