Purchase of Urbana value card

If one comes to Ljubljana by train and would like to continue their travel by city bus, but has not purchased the Urbana card yet, there is no reason to worry. The Urbana value card can be purchased at the Info Centre on the Ljubljana railway station as well as other sales outlets listed below.

The Urbana single city card is a no-contact smart card allowing quick and convenient cash-free payment for rides on Ljubljana city buses, funicular ride to the Ljubljana castle and parking fees in designated parking areas. One can also top up the Urbana value card and Urbana time card with credit of up to €50. Further information on the Urbana card is available at the link of Ljubljana’s public transport (LPP).

Sales outlets for extending the Urbana monthly card and purchasing as well as topping up the Urbana value card:

Celje, Hrastnik, Jesenice, Koper, Kranj, Ljubljana, Litija, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica, Pragersko, Postojna, Sevnica, Sežana, Škofja Loka, Trbovlje, Zagorje and Zidani Most.