The Railplus card is intended for all passengers (children, young people, adults, elderly) and entitles the buyer to a 15% discount on international tickets and use of international rail services listed below.

The Railplus offer with a 15% discount on international rail tickets is also available to holders of SŽ benefit cards Young and Seniors.

On presentation of a valid travel card, passengers may purchase 1st and 2nd class tickets for travel with all trains operating on Slovenian and foreign rail networks:

International travel Example route Ticket purchase
Slovenia – foreign destination Ljubljana – Frankfurt purchase from SŽ or abroad
foreign destination – Slovenia Prague – Celje purchase from SŽ or abroad
travel between min. 2 international stations München – Amsterdam purchase from SŽ or abroad

The Railplus card is valid for one year. The card is issued in the name of the holder and is non-transferable. Most rail operators recognize discounts to all passengers. However, some operators only allow discounts for certain categories of passengers (see table below).

Tickets issued with the Railplus discount are valid for international travel as with standard international tickets. The validity of a ticket with the Railplus discount may not exceed the validity date of the Railplus card.

Participating rail companies and valid discounts

Country Discounts valid for
Austria All passengers
Bulgaria All passengers
Bosnia and Herzegovina All passengers
Czech Republic All passengers
Montenegro All passengers
Denmark All passengers
Finland All passengers
Greece All passengers
Croatia All passengers
Ireland Elderly (senior)
Italy All passengers
Latvia All passengers
Lithuania All passengers
Luxembourg All passengers
Hungary All passengers
North Macedonia All passengers
Germany All passengers
Netherlands All passengers
Norway Young people and elderly (junior, senior)
Poland All passengers
Romania All passengers
Slovakia All passengers
Slovenia All passengers
Serbia All passengers
Spain Young people and elderly (junior, senior)
Switzerland All passengers

Price list for Railplus

  • Children and young people up to 26 years of age (junior): €15.00
  • Passengers from 26 to 59 years of age: €25.00
  • Elderly above 60 years of age (senior): €15.00

Full supplements are required for travel on certain rail routes and with certain carriages. No discounts are available for reservations.