Season tickets

Season tickets allow unlimited travel across the entire Slovenian rail network or on a specific route and for a specific validity period, for the train type and class indicated on the ticket.

Season ticket types and fares

  • Standard season tickets
    are available to everyone and typically used for commuter travel. Standard monthly tickets can be issued for single or return journeys, whereas weekly, semi-annual and annual tickets can only be issued for return journeys. For more details, check the list of season ticket fares.
  • Flat-rate season tickets
    allow unlimited First Class or Standard Class travel across the Slovenian rail network. They can be transferable or non-transferable. You can choose between monthly, semi-annual and annual flat-rate tickets.

Upon purchase of a flat-rate ticket (transferable or non-transferable) for a longer validity period (from three months to one year), the following discounts apply:

  • 3- to 5-month flat-rate tickets: 10% discount;
  • Annual flat-rate tickets: the price of an annual flat-rate ticket equals the price of 8 monthly flat-rate tickets;
  • Semi-annual flat-rate tickets: the price of a semi-annual flat-rate ticket equals the price of 5 monthly flat-rate tickets.

Flat-rate ticket fares

Season tickets are loaded onto a contactless rail card which contains data on the ticket holder and ticket validity.

Ticket validity

  • Weekly tickets
    are valid from Monday to Sunday inclusive, and can be purchased up to three days in advance (e.g. on Friday, to avoid crowds at sales outlets on Monday morning).
  • Monthly tickets
    are valid from the first day of the month up until the first business day of the next month (Saturday is not considered a business day).
  • Annual and semi-annual tickets
    are valid for six months or one year from the date of purchase. They can only be issued for return journeys.
  • The price of an annual ticket
    equals the price of 10 monthly tickets, whereas the price of a semi-annual ticket equals the price of  5 monthly tickets.

Integrated monthly pass for the Ljubljana-Kamnik route

You can combine train and bus services on the Ljubljana-Kamnik route by purchasing an integrated monthly pass, which applies to train services of Slovenske železnice and to bus rides provided by the Kam Bus. You can choose between weekly and monthly passes.

Extending Urbana monthly card at train stations

Holders of season tickets can extend the Urbana monthly card for public transport in Ljubljana (LPP) at the following sales outlets of Slovenske železnice:









Murska Sobota

Novo mesto

Nova Gorica





Škofja Loka



Zidani Most



All ticket sales outlets