Ticket supplement

Ticket supplements are mandatory for the IC, MV, EC, EN and ICS trains, as well as for all tickets bought on the train.

Supplement for the IC, MV, EC, EN and ICS trains

Supplement EUR

The indicated amounts apply to one-way travel.

Prices are valid from 20 March 2020.

Supplement IC/MV/EC/EN 1.50
Supplement ICS 3.00

Supplement for purchase of tickets on board trains

If you purchase your ticket after boarding the train, you have to pay a supplement of €5.00. Tickets purchased on trains have no valid discounts. The latter does not apply if you board the train at a station where there is no (working) ticket sales facility. In each case, we recommend you buy your ticket prior to boarding the train. You can do so at train station ticket counters or any authorised sales outlet. This is particularly important if you need a seat reservation.