Restoration of public rail passenger transport services

Restoration of public rail passenger transport services

On 11 May 2020, public passenger transport in Slovenia started operating again, as it had been temporarily suspended on 16 March due to curbing and controlling the COVID-19 epidemic.

The coronavirus has unexpectedly radically changed our habits, our daily lives and the way we interact, and now, when public passenger transport has been restored, we are facing quite a few changes as well.

As a responsible carrier, we have adapted to all the prescribed requirements so that we can ensure safe train journeys, taking into account additional measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Train timetables have been adjusted and curtailed. More information can be found in the timetable finder on our website.

Only healthy people with no signs of acute respiratory infection (cough, common cold, runny nose, fever, sore throat etc.) can board the train. An appropriate mutual distance must be maintained before boarding the train. When boarding the train, passengers should disinfect their hands, the same is recommended when disembarking the train. On trains, doors will be marked with labels indicating where it is possible to board and disembark the train. Floor markers indicating the direction of movement should be respected so that there is no simultaneous movement in the opposite direction. It is also necessary to properly wear a protective face mask (covering your nose and mouth) during the entire duration of the journey.

The number of seats and standing areas on the train is limited. Please also note the signs on the seats, which ensure an adequate safety distance. During the measures adopted to prevent the spread of the virus, waiting rooms and public toilets at the stations are closed, and it is only possible to pass through the waiting rooms where train tickets are sold.

We recommend purchasing your train ticket online or via our mobile app in order to avoid additional contacts while queuing to purchase your ticket at a train station and to enable our train staff to check your ticket without any contact.