Public transport in Slovenia temporarily suspended


On 13 November, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia issued Ordinance No. 2910 on the temporary prohibition, restrictions and manner of conducting public passenger transport on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 39 of the Communicable Diseases Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 33/06 – official consolidated version, 49/20 – ZIUEOP (Act Determining the Intervention Measures to Contain the COVID-19 Epidemic and Mitigate its Consequences for Citizens and the Economy) and 142/20).


The Ordinance temporarily suspends all national public transport of passengers in the Republic of Slovenia from 16 November 2020 until its cancellation, due to the containment and management of the COVID-19 epidemic. International trains will continue to run according to the valid timetables and are thus intended exclusively for travel in international transport.


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Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!​