The sale of tickets for train EN 414/415 to/from Switzerland is disabled due to removal of the consequences of storm in Austria (until May 29)

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) has notified that the section of the line between the Ötztal – Landeck – Zams station (Innsbruck – Buchs SG line) will be closed until 23. 5. 2023 due to restoration work (elimination of the consequences of the storm).

From 24. 5. 2023 onwards, the re-establishment of railway traffic (international and night trains) is planned on this section of the line, while local passenger transport will be carried out by substitute bus transport until 18. 6. 2023.

Due to the above, the sale of tickets for the night train EN 414 / 415 (sleepers, deckchairs) is blocked until 29. 5. 2023. The sale of tickets with reservation included (IRT) is possible for seats to/from the Innsbruck station.

The sale of tickets for the EN 414/415 train to/from Switzerland will be made possible when the resumption of railway traffic on the relevant section is known.

We apologize and ask for your understanding