Ticket types

SŽ ticket types for domestic travel

Ticket type
Single tickets Single tickets are valid for travel in one direction – one day on distances of up to 200km, or two days on distances over 200km. Read more
Return tickets Return tickets are valid for one day on distances of up to 100km, or 15 days on distances over 100km. Read more
Season tickets Season tickets (annual, 6-month and weekly passes) allow unlimited travel across the Slovenian rail network, or on a particular route. Read more
City Pass The daily or monthly City Pass allows unlimited travel on our rail network within the urban area of Ljubljana. Read more
The IZLETka flat-rate ticket The IZLETka flat-rate ticket allows an unlimited number of journeys on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays in Standard class in all types of trains operating on the Slovenian rail network. Read more

Ticket sales outlets

Formal receipt

We provide all passengers with formal receipts for both domestic and international train travel. Receipts are issued separately for domestic services and international services.

  1. If the customer purchases a train ticket:
    A formal receipt (K-24 certificate) for a purchased ticket is issued by the ticket counter at the request of the customer when purchasing a ticket, rail card or sales form. The formal receipt is issued free of charge.
  2. If the customer does not purchase a train ticket:
    A formal receipt (K-24a certificate) for a given route is issued on request by the ticket counter. The price for the receipt certification is 5.00 EUR.

A formal receipt for more than one route (K-24b certificate) can be issued on request by a sales information centre (Prodajno-informacijski center – PIC Celje, PIC Koper, PIC Ljubljana and PIC Maribor) and Info Centre (Ljubljana and Maribor). The price of the receipt for the first route is 5.00 EUR, and 3.00 EUR for each subsequent route.

If the customer orders a formal receipt K-24a or K-24b with a purchase order or if there is no possibility of acquiring a receipt K-24b at the railway station, a written request should be sent to the following address:

SŽ-Potniški promet, d.o.o.
Kolodvorska 11
1000 Ljubljana