Hire the Heritage train

You can hire the Heritage train. Just give us a call and we can discuss your hire requirements. We shall do our utmost to please you and ensure that your journey on board of one of our trains will be a rewarding and memorable experience.

Why a heritage train journey?

Slovenian Railways Heritage Train made its inaugural journey in 1986 when the tourist agency Slovenijaturist organized the first sightseeing jurney down the beautiful Bohinj railway line. Ever since, the result has been a sharp increase in the number of journeys and interest therein. It is to be expected since the the atmosphere inside the train can only be described as excellent. The train’s staff, from the train driver to the service personell, ensure that passengers are well taken care of and never go hungy or thirsty, particularly during the hot summer days. If you want to send postcards to your loved ones, you can do so from the post office on the train.

General information

Slovenske železnice – Potniški promet, d.o.o.
Kolodvorska 11
1506 Ljubljana
Tel.: 01 29 12 554
Fax.: 01 29 12 838
e-mail: [email protected]

Heritage train excursions

There are at least as many train excursions as there are places to visit – a dense network of railway lines throughout Slovenia.

Our custom excursion packages allow you and your group the freedom and flexibility to plan an itinerary and activities to fit your desires.

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