Visit fairs abroad by train

Visiting a fair is always a great opportunity to meet people and exchange views on new trends, inventions and new products or you can always just take a pleasant stroll among the items that interest you and attract your attention. Almost all European cities have a long tradition of fairs and only by mentioning a particular fair one already knows to which large city we are headed.

Frankfurt trade fair

The city of Frankfurt is a synonym for fairs and place of vibrant activity. The overview of fair events is available at where you can choose an event of your interest.

Timetable and prices

Every day a direct train to Frankfurt departs from and heads back to Ljubljana. Special offers and discounts are available for travel to Frankfurt.

How to get from the railway station to the fairground

The main railway station in Frankfurt (Hauptbahnhof) is a crossroads of various European train paths, however nothing too complicated for a passenger visiting Frankfurt for the first time to handle. The main railway station is only a few minutes away from the Messe Frankfurt place. The subway station below the railway station provides the most direct and fastest connection to the fairground – you can either take a U-Bahn or S-Bahn train.

Zagreb fair

The fair in Zagreb with its wide range of fair events is coming to the forefront. Every year more than 20 specialized events take place involving more than 5000 exhibitors from 50 countries. More information on fair exhibitions and events is available at

Timetable and prices

Given the fact that Zagreb is very close to Ljubljana and train connections are very good, you can make a one-day visit to the fair by train. There is a wide range of discounted travel options to reach Zagreb. You can view detailed timetables and prices for travel to the Croatian capital at the link Zagreb.

How to get from the railway station to the fairground

At the main railway station Zagreb Glavni kolodvor you can use the following services to reach the fairground: tram service Nr. 7 and 14, bus service East-West Nr. 109 and 222 or bus service North-South Nr. 219, 220, 221 and 268.

Graz fair

The fair in Graz has a long tradition and attracts numerous visitors from near and far; also from Slovenia. Information on fair events is available at, where you can also find further details on how to get to the fairground (including its map).

Timetable and prices

Due to very good train connections between Graz and Ljubljana, travel by train is a good choice. There are various discounts available for train travel to Graz. You can also choose to buy a Regio AS ticket.

Munich trade fair

When it comes to trade fairs, Munich does not fall behind Frankfurt. Detailed information on fair events is available at

Timetable and prices

Each day four train connections are available between Munich and Ljubljana. Ticket prices start at as little as €29.

How to get from the railway station to the fairground

You need about 20 minutes to get from the main railway station in Munich (Hauptbahnhof) to the fairground. U-Bahn line U2 takes you directly to the desired location. You will find detailed information on train travel to Munich including information on the sale of tickets on the German railways website

Belgrade fair

Belgrade is not only a place for fun, but also a city with a rich selection of fair events. On the website you can find a detailed list of events and, who knows, maybe the next reason to head to Belgrade will be to visit one of the fairs.

Timetable and prices

The timetable for trains travelling between Belgrade and Ljubljana is available at the link Serbia. You can travel to Belgrade and back from €50. Check the prices on offer.

How to get from the railway station to the fairground

To reach the fairground from the main railway station, you can take a bus service Nr. 511 and 551 or tram service Nr. 3, 12 and 13.