Germany… a thousand and one associations at the mention… and food is definitely near the top.

You can taste the culinary delights while traveling from the south of Germany all the way to the far north… You can start your journey in Munich, where a visit to the Bavarian capital must not be complete without typical white sausage and freshly baked pretzels, washed down, of course, with a mug of local beer. Refreshed, you head in the direction of Stuttgart, where you will be greeted with “Maultaschen”, pockets stuffed with spinach and meat, while Frankfurt is already waiting impatiently with apple wine and various farm dishes from the area.

On your way north, you will certainly come across Thuringian potato dumplings with bun filling, kale specialties, cheeses of all shapes and flavors, Berlin currywurst and fish specialties from the North Sea coast… But lest you think that Germany is just like that, we tell you that it is also ready for demanding gourmets. More than 300 German restaurants boast Michelin stars. In addition to all this, a thousand and one types of beer await you in Germany, selected types of German wines from as many as 13 wine-growing regions, and coffee lovers will come to Bremen at their own expense…

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