Rail passengers in Slovenia, the EU, Switzerland and Norway have various rights and obligations.

Information for passengers

As a railway undertaking, we ensure timely and accurate information on fares and offers, timetables, delays and service disruptions. We also provide information on travel options for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, as well as information on bicycle and luggage transport. For up-to-date information, please visit our website www.slo-zeleznice.si, or call our toll-free number 080 81 11.

Ticket sales points

Passengers board the train with a valid train ticket. Tickets can be purchased:

  1. At ticket sales outlets (the list is published on our website);
  2. At ticket machines (self-service vending machines) at all major train stations;
  3. In SŽ online shop and in the Grem z vlakom mobile app.

Present your valid ticket to the train staff and keep it until the end of your journey.

Tickets can also be purchased from the conductor on board the train. In that case, a penalty fare must be paid (according to the Passenger Tariff), but only when there was no way to purchase a ticket at the station before boarding.

Assistance for persons with reduced mobility at stations and on board trains

Within the limits of technical possibilities, we provide free assistance and safe travel arrangements for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance of your intended journey and the assistance required by calling +386 1 29 13 391 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Subject to prior notice, we will make all reasonable efforts to provide as pleasant and comfortable a journey as possible for you. In case we did not receive notice of your intended journey, we will take all reasonable steps to offer assistance at the station and on-board in the light of the possibilities available.

Missed last train connection

If a train arrives at its destination station with a long delay, you are entitled to compensation. For a train delay of 60 to 119 minutes, you are entitled to 25% of the ticket price, and for delays of more than 120 minutes, the compensation amount is 50%. The minimum threshold for a delay is €4. Special conditions apply to season tickets (annual, monthly, weekly) and tickets for the entire network (Interrail, Eurail). Detailed information can be found in the SŽ-PP Passenger Tariff, Part I – Conditions of Carriage, Article 405.1.

You are not entitled to compensation in the following cases:

  1. Where the delay was caused by circumstances which the carrier could not have avoided or prevented; 
  2. Where the expected delay was notified in advance;
  3. Where the delay was caused by the fault of the passenger or another person.

Despite the above, you are entitled to compensation if the delay was the fault of another railway undertaking or carrier.

Train cancellation, long delay or delayed train connection

If the train you intend to use is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes and you cannot reasonably complete your journey that day, you may:

  1. Decide not to travel and get a full refund on your (unused) ticket;
  2. Choose an alternative train service by the same operators and for the same area as shown on your ticket;
  3. End your journey at an intermediate station and get a refund for the relevant portion of your ticket;
  4. Return to the station of your departure using a train service provided by the operators shown on your ticket and get a full refund on your ticket.

Missed last train connection

If you miss your last connecting service of the day due to a train delay, you are entitled to reimbursement of the reasonable cost of your hotel accommodation. This does not apply to delays caused by circumstances that are outside the train operator’s control and where the delay was notified in advance.

Carrier’s liability in the event of a railway accident

If you are injured as a result of an accident (while boarding, travelling on or getting off a train) for which the carrier is responsible, you are entitled to compensation. In the event of death of a passenger, the relatives are entitled to compensation.

Liability for personal injury

If during your journey you suffered an injury due to circumstances within the control of a train operator, you are entitled to receive an immediate advance of up to €21.000 on your compensation. The advance is calculated upon determining the final amount of the compensation.


Personal luggage may be brought on board free of charge in accordance with the Passenger Tariff. Passengers are responsible for their personal luggage for the entire duration of the train journey. Luggage must not get in the way of other passengers and must not soil or damage the train equipment.

If the railway undertaking is responsible for the loss of/damage to luggage or mobility equipment of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, you as a passenger have the right to claim compensation from the railway undertaking.

Compensation claims and complaints

All claims must be addressed in writing to the carrier from whom you bought your ticket, or to any of the carriers named on your ticket, or to [email protected]. For further information, please call our toll-free number 080 19 10 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

If you are not satisfied with the explanation or the handling of your request regarding violation of passenger rights by the carrier, you can submit a complaint by post to the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS), Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana, by e-mail to [email protected], or in person during the Agency’s opening hours.


As a passenger, you are obliged to observe the Rules on internal arrangements in a railway undertaking, which are published at railway stations and on trains, and to follow the instructions of railway staff to ensure your safety.

Passengers, other persons and road or other vehicles may enter and move within the railway area only at designated points, which are marked as such.

Legal basis

Your passenger rights are governed by Regulation (EU) 2021/782 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2021 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations, by the Uniform Rules concerning the Contract of International Carriage of Passengers by Rail (CIV), by the carrier’s General Conditions of Carriage and Special Conditions of Carriage, by the carrier’s Passenger Tariff (PT), and Road Transport Act (ZPCP-2).

For more information on your rights and obligations when travelling by train, please visit our website: www.slo-zeleznice.si.

Have a pleasant journey!

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Comments and feedback

If you have any comments about our services or wish to provide feedback to help us make rail travel even better, you can do so by using one of the options below:

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  • Give us a call toll-free on 080 19 10; or
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