Purchasing tickets

We offer different types of tickets: tickets for individual or group travel, return tickets, monthly passes, 6-month and annual passes. Tickets may be purchased up to two months in advance; season tickets (annual, 6-month, monthly and weekly passes) can be purchased seven days in advance. If there is no ticket sales facility available at your departure station, you can buy your ticket on board the train. On board the train, tickets can only be purchased in cash.

Tickets can also be bought online or via the Grem z vlakom mobile app. Online purchase of a season ticket will be recorded on the card chip at the first validation after a maximum of 120 minutes, while purchases made via the mobile app will be saved on your mobile phone in the Grem z vlakom app under “My tickets”.

Passengers can also buy tickets at self-service ticket machines.

Ticket validity

Single and return tickets are valid for one day of travel.

Monthly passes and school season tickets are also valid on the first working day of the following month (Saturday does not count as a working day).

6-month passes and regular annual tickets are valid for six months or one year from the date of purchase. School season tickets can be purchased after 20 August and are valid until 30 September of the following year.

Daily trains running during school holidays

Train services not operating during school holidays are indicated in the timetable.

Travel interruption

Passengers have the right to interrupt their journey during the validity period of their ticket.

Personal luggage

Personal luggage is transported free of charge. Carriage of any dangerous goods on passenger trains is strictly prohibited.

Destination and carriage number signboards

Destination signboard (outside and inside of the train) tells you the route you can travel without having to change trains. Individual carriages may have a different route to that of the train. Carriage number signboard (outside and inside of the train) helps you find the carriage where you booked your seat, berth or bed.

First-class carriages

A yellow stripe above the carriage windows or a sign “1.” indicates first class carriages.

Passenger insurance

All rail passengers are insured for accidents caused by the fault of the railway company.

Complaints, suggestions and compliments

We strive to ensure a positive overall customer experience, and we are glad when we are able to meet your expectations. If you have any complaints, suggestions and compliments, you can call our toll-free telephone number 080 19 10 (every weekday, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.) or email us at [email protected] 24 hours a day.