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Station Route Train Delay
Škofja Loka Jesenice m. - Dobova m. EC 213 41 min DEPARTING
Pivka Ljubljana - Il. Bistrica m MV 483 116 min DEPARTING
Postojna Koper - Hodoš IC 502 27 min ARRIVING
Rakek Ljubljana - Koper IC 509 6 min DEPARTING
Most na Soči Jesenice - Nova Gorica RG 601 45 min DEPARTING
Zidani Most Ljubljana - Dobova LPV 2277 7 min ARRIVING
Kranj Jesenice - Ljubljana LPV 2423 11 min DEPARTING
Žirovnica Ljubljana - Jesenice LPV 2424 5 min DEPARTING
Pivka Sežana - Ljubljana LPV 2615 6 min DEPARTING
Prestranek Ljubljana - Sežana LPV 2660 41 min ARRIVING
Rakek Ljubljana - Koper LPV 2752 5 min ARRIVING
Ponikva Zidani Most - Maribor LPV 2922 5 min DEPARTING
Jarše-Mengeš Ljubljana - Kamnik Graben LP 3188 11 min DEPARTING
Domžale Kamnik Graben - Ljubljana LP 3189 10 min DEPARTING
Trebnje Metlika - Ljubljana LP 3222 5 min DEPARTING
Ivančna Gorica Ljubljana - Metlika LP 3223 46 min DEPARTING
Škofljica Ivančna Gorica - Ljubljana LP 3294 24 min DEPARTING
Trebnje Trebnje - Sevnica LP 3380 EXPECTED DELAY 35 min
Nova Gorica Nova Gorica - Sežana LP 4217 EXPECTED DELAY 20 min
Ortnek Grosuplje - Kočevje LP 4521 34 min DEPARTING

Numerous investment works are underway on the Slovenian rail network, which in the long term will bring opportunities for better public rail transport, more possible train connections, renewed stations and stops, etc.

During construction works, there are various service disruptions which require the organisation of rail replacement bus services, the introduction of slower train speeds past construction sites, etc., and consequent deviations from train timetables or delays. You can check the specific traffic situation in the information collected below and in the timetable finder at www.slo-zeleznice.si.

svg-icon Rail replacement buses and disruptions

Informative interactive train movement display


Train locations shown are for information purposes only. The data does not show the actual GPS locations of the trains.

The train movement display only shows those rail replacement bus services that were included in the planned annual timetable due to works on the lines. All replacement bus services and more detailed information about line closures and service disruptions on the Slovenian Railways network are published on Rail replacement buses and delays.



  • 0 - 5 minutes
  • 6 - 14 minutes
  • 15 - 59 minutes
  • over 60 minutes
  • Rail replacement bus service

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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the passenger traffic of Slovenian Railways.

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