Regio AS is an affordable offer for one-way and return journeys to Villach, Klagenfurt, Graz and Leibnitz in 2nd Class coaches.

Children under 14 inclusive have a 50% discount.

Weekly and monthly tickets are available at a special flat fare.

Special additional offer – Regio AS 101

We have prepared a special and affordable Regio AS 101 offer valid for travel from Slovenia to Graz and back as well as travel with all other public transport modes in the 101 fare zone in Graz:

  • City and regional bus (Bus),
  • Tram (Straßenbahn),
  • Suburban rail (S-Bahn) and all other trains,
  • Funicular to the city castle (Schloßberg).

Regio AS 101 tickets also include bus and rail services from Graz to the airport. Daily commuters travelling from Maribor to Graz (school children, students and employed) can buy a weekly or monthly ticket with included zone 101. A special feature of the weekly ticket is that it is valid for 7 days from any day of the week, and monthly ticket is valid for 30 or 31 days from any day of the month. In this way, the purchase can be adapted to individual needs. Regio AS 101 tickets do not have to be stamped again at public transport vehicles.

You can travel within Graz with the following tickets:

  • Regio AS 101 ticket valid on the day of arrival until midnight;
  • Weekly Regio AS 101 ticket valid for 7 days;
  • Monthly Regio AS 101 ticket valid for 30 or 31 days.

Regio AS (single, 2nd Class tickets)

Ticket type and routeEUR
Ljubljana – Graz via Spielfeld19.00
Zidani Most/Laško/Celje – Graz via Spielfeld15.00
Maribor – Graz via Spielfeld8.00
Ljubljana/Kranj – Villach via Jesenice11.00
Ljubljana/Kranj – Klagenfurt via Jesenice14.00
Lesce Bled/Jesenice – Villach7.00
Maribor – Leibnitz via Spielfeld5.00
Maribor – Spielfeld2.40
Maribor – Celovec (Klagenfurt) via Bleiburg10.00
Weekly ticket
Maribor – Spielfeld20.00
Maribor – Graz Hbf + 101 via Spielfeld59.70
Maribor – Leibnitz via Spielfeld33.00
Jesenice – Villach Hbf via Jesenice35.50
Monthly ticket
Maribor – Spielfeld65.00
Maribor – Graz Hbf + 101 via Spielfeld198.20
Maribor – Leibnitz via Spielfeld109.50
Jesenice – Villach Hbf via Jesenice102.00
Tickets for the 101 fare zone in Graz
24-hour ticket for adults6.40
24-hour ticket for young people (15-18,99 years of age)4.00
24-hour ticket for children (6-14,99 years of age)3.20
The price list is valid from 5 March 2024.

Round-trip tickets cost twice as much as one-way tickets.

Further information

  • Visit a train station with a ticket office;
  • Visit one of our InfoCentres at the train stations in Koper, Ljubljana, Celje, and Maribor;
  • Call our toll-free number 080 81 11 (for calls made from Slovenia), or dial +386 1 29 13 331 (for calls made from abroad);
  • Send an e-mail with your question to [email protected]i.