People with limited mobility

On domestic services

The transportation of persons in wheelchairs is possible:
  • On ICS trains (Inter City Slovenia), although a compulsory seat reservation still applies.
  • On the majority of Euro City (EC) trains as well as on board some InterCity trains. Trains with carriages specially designed for wheelchair bound passengers are identified in the timetables.
  • In local traffic, the transportation of passengers in wheelchairs is possible with motorised lifting seats (Siemens/Desiro). These are available on the routes: Ljubljana-Maribor, Ljubljana-Dobova, Ljubljana-Jesenice and Ljubljana-Sežana.

Railway stations in Ljubljana, Celje, Maribor, and Koper are equipped with appropriate elevators. Access to platforms is possible with the assistance of the railway staff.

On international services

The transport of passengers in wheelchairs in international rail traffic is possible on board Euro City (EC) trains with carriages designed for wheelchairs. These trains are identified in the timetables.

Prior to the journey, we recommend passengers to confirm the conditions of carriage and available access for passengers with limited mobility. Major international railway stations abroad are normally equipped with elevators and appropriate facilities for travellers with limited mobility. On some trains, there are also special compartments for disabled passengers.


In Slovenia, persons accompanying passengers in wheelchairs travel free of charge. Free tickets can be obtained at sales outlets.

On rail routes abroad, a special supplement to the TCV tariff rate applies for the carriage of passengers with limited mobility and their escorts. For more information, please call 080 81 11 or send an email to [email protected].

Persons accompanying blind persons and passengers in wheelchairs travel free of charge. Free tickets can be obtained at sales outlets upon submitting an appropriate ID card of the accompanied person.

Contact us

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tel.: +386 1 291 33 91, on working days from 8:00 to 16:00.

In case you do not inform us about your intended travel in time, we will be able to assist you only within the context of current situation.