Visit the Karst Museum by train

Because of its unique natural and cultural landscape, the karst area in western Slovenia, the Kras, is world famous. Thanks to its famous caves, intermittent lakes, sinking rivers and river sources, rocky surface and sinkholes, the Kras has always aroused interest among both locals and travellers.

If you have been enchanted by Slovenia’s karst landscapes, you will certainly want to visit the permanent “Karst Museum” exhibition at Notranjska Museum Postojna. The exhibition takes you from the formation of the karst landscape to modern life in the karst region, with clear explanations of each stage of the process, and is at the same time a place where you can touch stalagmites and stalactites, study examples of cave fauna through microscopes, and see analogue and interactive displays of 11,693 caves located around Slovenia. The exhibition is suitable for young and old alike, for groups and individual visitors.

For more information, Notranjska Museum

Travel to Postojna by train. The Karst Museum is located 300m from the Postojna train station. Upon presentation of a valid train ticket, you may obtain 20% discount on your entrance fee.