Recently, due to additional connections and favorable offers, more and more air travelers from Slovenia are choosing to fly from some airports in neighboring Austria, Italy, Croatia, or even in slightly more distant Germany.

We give you a brief introduction and at the same time recommend that you do not choose a car to travel to the mentioned European airports, but instead choose a train. Your vacation can thus start already on the train, which at some airports takes you to the very entrance or. terminal.

Relaxed, without congestion and additional costs.

Buy your tickets on time and take the train affordably and comfortably to new experiences!

Trieste Airport

First, take the train from Ljubljana to the train station in Villa Opicina. There, transfer to the Italian train, which will first take you to the main railway station in Trieste.With the same train, you can then continue your journey to the airport or railway station Trieste Airport – Ronchi dei Legionari, which is located next to the airport itself. If you still have enough time before the departure of the plane, you can get off at the main train station in Trieste and go to the airport or train station Trieste Airport – Ronchi dei Legionari you can take one of the many trains later. More information on connections to Trieste Airport can be found here.

Venice Airport

The fastest way to get to Venice airport is to take a train from Ljubljana to the main railway station in Trieste. At the train station in Trieste, change to one of the many trains to Venezia Mestre railway station. There, change to bus line 15 (they stop opposite the train station) and drive to the airport (Marco Polo), which is about 10 km away.

Zagreb Airport

You can take a train from Ljubljana to Zagreb from just 9 euros! For a comfortable and affordable trip, you have four direct trains available every day. Zagreb bus station, from where buses leave for Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport, is only a 10-minute walk from the main railway station (Zagreb Glavni kolodvor). More information about bus connections and timetables can be found here.

Graz Airport

You can get to Graz airport either by taking a passenger train from Slovenia to the Austrian railway station Spielfeld-Strass and there changing to the regional “S-Bahn” trains of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), which you can ride to the airport. Alternatively, you can travel all the way to Graz Hauptbahnhof and take a bus or S-Bahn regional train back to the airport. If you will be traveling by train to the main railway station of Graz (Graz Hbf), we recommend that you purchase a single Regio AS Graz +101 ticket for your journey, which is also valid for transport to the airport. You can find more information about connections to Graz Airport here.

Vienna Airport

You can travel to Vienna by train from Ljubljana for as little as 27.90 euros. Get the lowest ticket price by buying in time, even 6 months before your trip. When you arrive at Vienna’s main train station (Wien Huptbahnhof), transfer to one of the many trains that will take you to Vienna International Airport. More information on all airport connections can be found here.

Munich Airport

Take an international train from Ljubljana and change to line 1 of the suburban train (S-Bahn München) at the main train station in Munich (München Hauptbahnhof). If you get off the international train one stop earlier (München Ost), you can also get to the airport with line 8. Suburban trains run quite often, and the journey to the airport takes about 40 minutes. Additional information about the Munich S-Bahn timetables can be found at, and other details about access to the airport can be found on their website.

Frankfurt Airport

There is a daily international train connection from Ljubljana railway station to Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof in both directions. When you arrive at Frankfurt Central Station, transfer and take either the many local or high-speed (ICE) trains to Frankfurt Airport. You can find all the details about getting to Frankfurt Airport by train here.

When you decide to travel by plane, also think about the train. Traveling by train is sustainable. According to data from the European Commission, rail transport accounts for 0.5% of greenhouse gas emissions from transport, while road transport accounts for as much as 72%.

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